iSteady Mobile +

3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal
Easy to get Cinematic Video
30% torque improvement on upgraded motors
Payload up to 280g

Upgraded balancing arm design enables to support bigger mobile phone.

(Min. mobile width: 58mm; Max. mobile width: 89mm)
Sport Mode:Fast Follow | Quick Transition

It enable the motors to increase the power and react by the corresponding movement quickly, it’s fast following speed allows to capture the best moment and create transition effects without any post production.

Double tap the trigger
button to re-center the
motors on its initial position.

Inception Mode/ 3D Fantasy Mode

Pan motor is able to rotate a complete 360° to make incredible inception effect.

Fully New App “Hohem Gimbal”


The Beauty Mode allows you to record every single time of your smile.

Various Cinematic Features

Face/Object Tracking

Optimized face tracking frees up your hands

Visual auto-tracking to take photo or record.

Object tracking

It enables to track any object by picking off it on screen.


Zoom in & out

Cinematic features like focus and zoom make you pro.

Upgraded Stabilizing Algorithm/Dual Bluetooth.

The shutter works when iSteady Mobile+ connect with app via bluetooth, as well connecting with smartphone or 3rd party app individually.

Vertical Mounting for Live Streaming

The App “Hohem Gimbal” for smartphone gimbal is available to make live streaming from the third party platform like Periscope, YouTube Live, etc.


All follow mode allows to shoot a first person point of view

360° rotation on panning (Inception mode) when hold the gimbal horizontally.