iSteady Mobile

No More Shaky Video

More Features

Integrated multifunctional slider for zoom & focus control, it enables more professional and convenient shooting experience.




The Advanced Stabilizing Technology

High performance motors allow axes overlap andl low angle shoot with ease.

Variable speed follow of the 3 axes are sensitively adapt to the hand movements. It can perfectly meet the needs of different shooting applications.

The unique dual mode bluetooth which can support taking picture without connecting with the Hohem APP.

It allows to tap the shutter button when using phone camera and the 3rd party App such as Facebook, BeautyCam, ect.

Face/Object tracking frees your hands.

Advanced face tracking technology, allows to recognize and track face automatically for taking picture and video. It also support to handpick the object to active the object track shooting.

Portrait Mode Manual Switch Supported

8 Shift Position

Inspire More Creativities

The newly designed all follow mode with POV, and allows a full 360° roration on paning (Inception mode) when hold the gimbal horizontally.

4 different working modes: Pan Follow, Pan & Tilt Follow, All Lock, All Follow


It allows to get a cinematic shot by swtching to the AF mode, hold your gimbal to get the video as first person of view.

More features in the App

6-side clibration; Trim roll angle; Personal parameters setting: Follow speed, follow dead area,motor torque, joystick direction;Personal parametes saving allows to reuse the shooting setting.


Upgraded 4000 mAh Battery

with Battery Life up to 12 hours

LED indicator let you know the battery capacity in real-time,

It is also a powerbank to be able to charge other devices.

More dedicated details, user friendly design, it is great helpful to improve the user experience.

Ergonomic handle design
Better grasping in hand
Flexible roll axis slide arm design,
for balancing smartphone precisely.
3 x 1/4″ screw thread holes for attaching more photographics accessories.

More Standard Accessories

carrybag, tripod, USB cable, ect.